What is my worth?

The biggest downfall to being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) is that you are not paid with actual money for your services.  A recent website I came across, http://www.salary.com  has a break-down in a fancy little chart that shows what we would actually make if we were being paid as a SAHM.


I would personally adjust some of the categories such as the teacher–I spend 25+ hours a week on planning and implementing school with my kids because we home school. I also didn’t see a category for being your husband’s helper and keeping up with all of his stuff. This also doesn’t include any extra-curricular activities that we may be involved in…teaching a class at church, organizing church or home school fundraisers, being “team mom” for whatever sports our kids may be involved in, etc…..   I also think it’s missing a category of “personal shopper/organizer”, I mean how do they think the meals that we cook get planned? Do the groceries just automatically show up in the pantry and refrigerator? I WISH!

My point is, a homemaker’s job is never completely finished, and we could never be paid here on this earth what we are truly worth to our families.  Can you really put a price tag on being the woman that God has called you be? The job that He has called us to as a homemaker, cannot be categorized into different positions that have a financial worth. We’re not able to climb to the corporate ladder, receive promotions, get a front row parking space, or get our picture hung on the wall as “employee of the month”.  Instead the Lord has shown us how our husbands and children are blessed when we adhere to the calling of being at home.

Your husband finds favor with the Lord because of you?!?! How awesome is that?!!? “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.”–Proverbs 18:22   

Homemaking is more than just the care and upkeep on our physical place of dwelling. It’s creating a loving, nurturing, and safe environment for our families to live.  A place where our husbands and children can flourish in who they are spiritually and emotionally. “A home built on the Lord Jesus and nurtured by a woman who spends time seeking wisdom, understanding, and knowledge with the Lord each day will stand strong in the storms of life.” (The Woman’s Study Bible, pg. 816)  Isn’t that what you want your home to be, a place of refuge for your family in this crazy world?

Now, don’t get me wrong! I would love to have the above totaled salary of $113,568 a year for being a SAHM. That would definitely eliminate and take care of our daily struggles of living on one income. BUT, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon! 🙂  For now, I will cling to the truth in God’s Word that says my worth is far above rubies, and my husband and children praise me and call me blessed! (Psalm 31)  That’s something to make me want to keep going each day!


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