Five Minute Friday

Challenge:  To write for 5 minutes, unedited love for the word given.  This week the topic is:  She
Lisa Jo Baker’s site is awesome at encouraging mom’s! Check her out!  I also agree with her that being a mom should come with a superhero cape!

So here it goes, my first 5 minute Friday….

She sees her husband struggling through a dark time in his life. What does God have for us? When will a door of ministry open? How can we keep going this way financially?

She tries to offer encouragement telling him that she loves him and knows God has a plan. But deep down she is aching. She wants to make this better. She wants to fix this. She wants him to be happy and feel like the man she knows he is.

What else can she do? Where can she turn? Who can fix her husband’s breaking heart and spirit?

She turns to the One that has always been there. The One that lifts her head every morning. The One that tells her she is special. The One that holds all things together.

She hits her knees and starts praying to Jesus. She cries out on her husband’s behalf. She confesses to Him that she is scared for the “whatever & wherever” He has for their family, but she knows she must follow obediently. She pleads with God to take care of them and to provide. Moments pass of silence. She has poured out her heart, now what?

She waits.

She keeps loving her husband. Telling him that everything is going to be okay.

She is confident in this because she has called out to her Heavenly Father.

She ends in praise!


~I encourage you to try this! Make sure and check out Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday and join in!


6 responses to “Five Minute Friday

    • Thank you Dolly! I try really hard to encourage him…it’s just hard when I’m having a down day myself. Thankfully, the Lord is gracious to our children and typically only 1 of us is down at a time, so there’s balance. 🙂


  1. I echo what Dolly said…your husband is blessed to have you, and I know God is blessing the heart you have to follow Him. Beautiful post. 🙂 Blessings to you!


    • Thanks for commenting Mel! I appreciate your kind words! I enjoy reading your posts on your blog…your honesty is refreshing! Thanks!


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