Un-Interrupted Kid Time

The highlight of being a mom is spending time with your kids! Watching them learn new things, explore the outdoors, use their imaginations…it’s wonderful! BUT, being a stay-at-home mom means we have get to spend 24 hrs./7 days a week with our kids. It honestly can become something we don’t enjoy anymore, we’re just going through the motions. (I really am thankful that I didn’t miss the first time any of them rolled over, took their first steps, said “mama” for the first time….those are the special moments that you can’t get back if they’re missed.)

Sometimes after they have left the “cute baby stage” and become a “real” person it can become easy to forget their need for our undivided attention. I mean real attention. Not the kind where they think we are watching, but we’re really looking at our phones, checking email, picking up laundry, making our to-do list in our head….you get what I mean.  Picture1

Let’s try to be the mom that doesn’t miss the things that are important to our kids. How would you feel if, let’s say you have a solo in the choir song at church, and your husband and kids decided that they would rather not hear you sing and stay home that day? Or, you’ve slaved away all day getting your house sparkling clean, & prepared your husband’s favorite meal, and when he comes home he never acknowledges any of your efforts?

If you’re like me, then you would feel pretty upset that no one supported or encouraged you. We would feel pretty invisible, wouldn’t we?  Let’s don’t do that same thing to our kids. Enjoy going to the ballgames. Laugh when they tell a joke. Look for worms in the dirt with them. Applaud them for a job well done. Hug them, make them feel loved. You know the security you were able to provide for them when they were just a baby?? You can still do that. Be their mom!

~ I would love to hear how you spend quality time with your kids. Please leave a comment so maybe we can “steal” one of your ideas to do with our own kids. Now, go have some fun! :)


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