Five Minute Friday: TRUE

Challenge:  To write for 5 minutes, unedited love for the word given.  This week the topic is:  TRUE
Lisa Jo Baker’s site is awesome at encouraging mom’s! Check her out!  I also agree with her that being a mom should come with a superhero cape! 🙂

So here it goes….

True things about me:  

1. I tend to sit up way too late at night just to have some “quiet” time in my house where my brain can roam, or just take in useless TV.

2. I cry like a baby every time I watch the movie, The Notebook. I’m a hopeless romantic.

3. I am a true boy mama! I love watching baseball games, being outside, and playing in the dirt is good for the soul. God knew what He was doing by giving me 3 boys…I wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. I’m a true southern girl who says things like, “ya’ll & taters” and loves grits and SWEET tea!

5. I truly hate spiders, especially the big ones that move fast…Ewww!!

964698_10151687123106412_703141974_o6. I truly miss my sister! I wish we lived closer to each other and could spend more time together. She is always an encouragement to me, and I look up to her greatly in how to be a Godly wife and mother. 

7. My husband is my TRUE best friend!  We may not always agree, and even get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day he’s the one that I lay down beside and feel the most loved and safe. 57220_374980375927188_954647280_o

8. I love to eat anything chocolate, and must start my day with a cup of coffee! (caramel macchiato creamer)

9. I am truly a total mess sometimes and fall apart at the seams when things aren’t going like I want them to. (I eventually get over this, but I do have temper tantrums pity parties sometimes.) 🙂

10. My favorite saying is that “He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be”…I’m a work in progress, continually growing in Jesus.

Friends at 6 years old.

Friends at 6 years old.

11. I have a true best girlfriend who’s been my friend since we were 2 years old! We can get together after some time of not seeing each other and pick right where we left off. She has seen the real true sides of me, good & bad, and she still loves me. She is a blessing in my life!

12. I have thing about the number 12, so I’m stopping here. 🙂  I’m not superstitious, but 12 has been a # that has shown up a lot in our marriage:  He first said he loved me on March 12, we were engaged on June 12, got married in Dec.(12th month), and 2 of our kids were born in Dec.

~I encourage you to try this! Make sure and check out Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday and join in!


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