I am NOT June Cleaver!

My house is not spotless. I don’t wear pearls. You may possibly find me in shorts and a t-shirt everyday. My kitchen is always a mess, because we like to eat! My house is not always picked up, but it’s for the most part clean. We live in our home. Maintaining a home is hard work!

June Cleaver made it look easy. Her house was always spotless, even though she had two sons, who we know in real life would track mud through the house right after it was mopped! She cleaned and cooked while wearing a dress. I mean really?!?  Something always splatters on me while cooking, and bending over to pick up toys is not something a lady should do in a dress. 


A common misconception about stay-at-home-moms is that our houses should be perfect at all time…you know, we have nothing else to do! 😉 But, what I have found about being at home everyday is that my house will not stay spotless and that’s okay!  I have more to do with my time than worry about keeping my home fit for a king. My kids need my energy more than they need a spotless house.

So, I must confess, I AM NOT JUNE CLEAVER! I am a real mom that considers it a victory to get one load of laundry done a day, and keep my kids fed and for the most part happy. 🙂  I try to follow a schedule so things don’t get completely out of hand, and I hate to spend a whole day trying to clean the house! My kids are given the responsibility to take out the trash when needed, and they take turns wiping down their bathroom. (With 3 boys, the bathroom can become stinky–you know when their aim is off!?!)

Obviously, there are days when the floors have to be swept (and sometimes mopped) that isn’t on my schedule. For instance, when we make The Great Sphinx out of salt-dough and tiny pieces fall all over the floor. Or, when I peel apples for apple butter and the juice from the apples make the floor completely sticky!  Life happens and messes are made, but with a little effort things can be back to normal. 🙂

Here’s the schedule I try to follow:  household schedule (pdf)

~We have hardwood everywhere except the bedrooms, so that’s why you see me sweeping & mopping more than vacuuming.

~The laundry room basket contains dish towels and anything else that doesn’t belong in our personal laundry baskets.

~IF 2 loads of laundry are done a day, then it stays manageable for us.

~Our number one rule before bedtime is that ALL toys are cleaned up, so I’m able to walk across the house without injuring my foot on a Matchbox car!

What are some ways you maintain your home? Do you follow a schedule?  Please leave a comment below!


8 responses to “I am NOT June Cleaver!

  1. I am with you all the way. Our house is lived in. Yes, it may be messy. We do have it picked up some days! We also live. I would rather teach my children how to garden, can, and do for themselves than have a boring picked up house. We also love to have fun. With fun, usually comes messes. I am okay with that as well!


    • Totally agree, Jill! My kiddos love playing outside, so along with that comes dirt, grass & whatever else across my floors! It will all clean up. 🙂 Thanks for commenting & stopping by my site!
      (LOVE the name of your site–we must think alike!) 🙂


  2. You are more likely to find me wearing pearls with my pajamas around the house than cleaning. I keep things picked up so that we don’t break our necks, but deep cleaning is not a priority. Also, cleaning and I just don’t get along. In fact, only minutes before reading this I broke our washing machine while trying to do laundry 😦
    Here from Blogelina FB link up


    • Oh Jenn, hopefully your washing machine can be fixed! But, if your laundry pile is like mine, it’s really never done anyway, so who will notice if the machine’s broken?! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by! Many blessings to your home from mine!


  3. I am in agreement. If the kids are fed, the laundry is done and the floor is clear I’d call that a good day. Second to that if the bathroom is spotless and the beds are made then the day is a success!


  4. Thank you for the cleaning schedule! I’m like you, we live in our house, I pick up each day but deep cleaning is just not a priority and I want our house to feel like home not a museum! Laundry is done every day and dishes, otherwise when I get to it, it gets done. Now that my daughter is 12, she helps out a lot too 🙂


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