I am THAT mom…

Yes, I’ll admit to being THAT mom!  

(all images from Google)

(all images from Google)

You know you’ve heard these questions and statements about “THAT mom” before  (and the included “make-ourselves-look-better-than-her” remarks)

  • Did you see what THAT mom is wearing? She wears the same thing all the time!
  • Did you see THAT mom lose her cool with her kids? I never raise my voice at my children.
  • Did you hear THAT mom tell her kid no? She is being so negative…what would it hurt for her child to get a new toy?
  • Did you see those cupcakes that THAT mom brought to school? Totally not Pinterest worthy!
  • THAT mom’s new haircut looks awful! I can’t believe she thinks it looks good, and someone forgot to cover their gray!
  • THAT mom missed her son’s last ballgame!  I would never miss my kid’s last game…they’re only this age once!

I know you get my point. We are so quick to judge, especially other moms. We tend to forget that we are not always put-together perfectly, and if we’re trying to perceive that we are, then we’re just kidding ourselves.

Think back to how you became a mom. Whether you had a natural delivery or c-section, IT WAS HARD & NOT PRETTY! If you became a mom through adoption, IT WAS HARD in so many ways also.

We have ALL been spit-up-on, pooped-on, peed-on, and thrown-up-on. We have ALL wiped snotty noses. We have ALL had one of those days where we wish we could run away by ourselves, even if just for a few hours, so we can use the bathroom in privacy! (If you say no to that one, then please share your secret!) 🙂

So, let’s remember before we judge another mom that we all deserve a little grace. Let’s be on the same team. Encourage one another. Help each other. Pray for our fellow moms. Show a little grace.

  • Maybe THAT mom is wearing the same clothes all the time because she shops for her kids first. Her budget may not allow for her new clothes right now. (If you’re able, maybe anonymously send her a gift card where she could only spend it on herself.)
  • Maybe THAT mom lost her cool with her kids and raised her voice because she had a bad day at work. Or, maybe she’s stressed out over finances and unfortunately her kids caught her at the wrong time. (You might just need to give her a smile…let her know she’s not the only adult that still has temper tantrums.) 🙂
  • Maybe THAT mom told her kid no because she’s trying to raise them to not be greedy. Or, maybe she doesn’t have the extra money for another toy when Christmas is right around the corner. (Support her in this decision. Be thankful that some people are still using the “no” word.)
  • Maybe the cupcakes THAT mom brought to school we’re not the prettiest, but she did the best she could with a boxed cake mix and canned icing because that’s all she had time for. (Thank her anyway.)
  • Maybe THAT mom got a new hair cut and she hates it, too. But what can she do about it now. Maybe she didn’t have the money to afford professional coloring, so the $3.00 box of color will have to do. (Tell her she’s pretty! May just make her day!)
  • Maybe THAT mom is home crying because she missed her son’s last ballgame, but another child is sick and she’s at home with them. (Send her a text or call just to check on the sick child. Give her the game highlights…I’m sure she would love to hear someone else brag on her son.)

So, here’s what I say to ALL moms out there:

Ignore what everyone else thinks or says about you!

Even more importantly, IGNORE the standards you have placed on yourself!

It’s okay to be THAT MOM

Hold your head up high, and promise me that you will stop beating yourself up over silly things that don’t even matter. Do you really think your kids care if you wear sweats all day? NO! Do they care if the cupcakes are homemade or not? Absolutely not! They just want to eat them!

Do you honestly believe that you’re doing the best you can as a mom? If so, then hold your head up high.  If not, then pray about it and ask the Lord for help to be the mom that He desires for you to be.

Wear the title of “THAT MOM” proudly and with honor.  This job is hard. Keep going…it will totally be worth it! You have been given a blessing. “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.”–Psalm 127: 3  

My 3 blessings, who call me Mom.

My 3 blessings, who call me Mom.

Remember that you’re not alone. I promise you that I am not a perfect mom. I am all the “THAT MOM”s above, and I’ve honestly labeled other moms the same way. I’m working on both… … … being a better mom, and showing grace to other moms.

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*I have seen this video circulating around, and just had to share it along with this post. I think all us moms would be surprised to hear what our kids really think about us.  Who cares what others think, right!? 😉  Get some tissues and enjoy!



*Linked-up with Amy @ Raising Arrows for Welcome Home Wednesday


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