Five Minute Friday: TRUE

Challenge:  To write for 5 minutes, unedited love for the word given.  This week the topic is:  TRUTH
Lisa Jo Baker’s site is awesome at encouraging mom’s! Check her out!  I also agree with her that being a mom should come with a superhero cape! 🙂

So here it goes….


The congregation has high expectations of you.

You are expected to dress a certain way.  Have kids that sit perfectly during every service. Be a professional singer. Lead the women’s ministry. Bring the best dish to all the potlucks. Be able to whip up a Bible lesson because the children’s Sunday school teacher didn’t let anyone know they would not be there, and little kids are waiting. Have the patience of Job with those that want to tell you how and what YOU should be doing. Wait patiently while everyone talks to your husband after the service, even though you have tired crying kids who just want to go home. You have to share YOUR husband with everyone. Anytime they call you are expected to let him go. Your house should always be presentable, you never know who might stop by unannounced.

Truth is, being a pastor’s wife is hard!


You are also the one that sees the hard work and preparation your husband puts into his messages. You get to know some wonderful people.  You are encouraged to study your Bible more because of those last minute lessons…you want to be ready. You see first hand God at work in people’s lives. Marriages restored. Broken families brought back together. Blessed by children that come to Christ with the childlike faith we should all have.

You are your pastor’s biggest supporter. You have the privilege to pray with him one on one. You get to serve alongside him. Be his helpmate. And it’s okay to say you’re in love with your pastor. 🙂

Truth is, the good out weighs the bad. God’s blessings are greater than people’s complaints.


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~I encourage you to try this! Make sure and check out Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday and join in!


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