Heart of Gratitude, Always??

I am really enjoying the Good Morning Girls Thanksgiving Bible Study, “Focusing Our Hearts on Gratitude”.  It is really bringing to mind familiar scriptures and making me dig deeper into them!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 are verses that I have probably quoted before to encourage someone else. Reminding them to rejoice always, pray continually, and in everything give thanks. 1 Thess. 516-18

But, as I studied these verses this week, the Holy Spirit showed me how bad I’m doing at living and believing this scripture. I have not been rejoicing so much. I tend to pray when things are bad and I’m demanding something from God. (Like that gets me anywhere!) 🙂

What struck me the most, GIVING THANKS

I know it’s November. Everyone is posting daily on Facebook something/someone they are thankful for. People are planning family gatherings. There may even be special church services scheduled.

But, why is one month the focus of our thanks?

We are to give thanks in all circumstances, every day! Our thanks should be more focused on what the Lord has done for us personally, than being thankful for other people and things. Don’t get me wrong…I am very thankful for my husband, kids, family, a home, food to eat…but I’m thankful for those people and things because God has blessed me with them. It is nothing that I have done or deserved.

Where I fail in giving thanks is when things aren’t going so great. I allow my current circumstances to determine how grateful I am for even the simple things in life.

When the bank account is empty…do I give thanks for what WAS in there, or just worry about what I think SHOULD be there?

When the kids’ toys are all over the floor…do I give thanks that I have kids, or do I just complain about the mess?

When the sink is full of dishes…do I give thanks that we had food to eat, or do I grumble that I have to wash dishes?

So, to help me have reminders throughout the whole year, not just one month, I’ve taken some of the scriptures I’m studying with Good Morning Girls and made them into 8×10 photos (see below) that I’ve printed out to display in my home.

I pray that we will all show true gratitude, not just in November, but always and in every circumstance.



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*Feel free to print these off for your personal use. You are welcome to share on your personal blog or Facebook, but please link back to this site.  

Psalm 1005                    Colossians 317

1 Chronicles 168-11                    1 Thess. 516-18


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