Entering the Pre-Teen Years

It seems like yesterday that I was begging and pleading with my doctor to induce labor! This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what that meant, but I knew that I was READY TO HAVE THIS BABY!!

We had some difficulties about halfway through the pregnancy with placenta previa, but with the Lord’s hand on me and the baby we were both well, and the remainder of the pregnancy went smoothly. Except for me gaining about 40 something pounds, and my feet becoming the size of Fred Flintstones’!! fred_feet

 Just an FYI for you…if you eat between 3-4 Klondike bars a day, you will gain weight! 🙂  Hehehe!!

On a cold December morning before the sun came up, we were on our way to the hospital for the arrival of our first born son. We neither one had a clue about what that particular day would entail. We were just anxious to meet the little boy who we had watched do somersaults in my belly. The one that had completely changed my body. The baby that had brought us closer together before his arrival. The best parts of me and my husband, all wrapped into one person. God’s handiwork and masterpiece.

After the longest 15 hours of my life, our lives were completely changed. We felt a love that was unexplainable. With a great sense of responsibility we held onto him tightly. This tiny person was God’s gift to us. We had become parents, and a family of 3.

Winter 2013 042Now, eleven years later we are still experiencing God’s wonders. We have the privilege of seeing this young boy turning into a young man. We are cheering him on in baseball games. We see how he loves his younger brothers, and what a great example he is for them. We laugh at how he doesn’t miss a detail when telling a story. We see God molding him into someone that HE can use for HIS Glory. 

Whether I want to admit it or not, we are entering the PRE-TEEN years. My prayers for my son are changing. I’m not praying anymore for help with potty training, sleeping through the night, or toddler temper tantrums. My prayers are becoming more serious. More guidance and protection over his life. God’s help for us as his parents to continue building his foundation.

I have used a “5-Finger Prayer” model before in teaching how my kids how to pray themselves. Simple and easy way that they can remember. Like this one:


So, here’s my modified 5-Finger/Hand Prayer for Preteens:

Preteen prayers

Feel free to print this off for your use. A prayer for all your children.

THUMB:  for friends and influences. Those that your preteen will be spending time with; friends, family members, classmates, teachers, coaches, other parents. Prayers for those people to be encouraging and a Godly influence over your preteen.

POINTER FINGER:  temptations. Their behavior, speech, actions, any temptation that would cause them to stray from the Lord. Pray for protection over their lives that the enemy would flee from tempting them, and for the Lord’s strength to overcome temptation.

MIDDLE FINGER: future plans. Their work ethic and responsibility in school to prepare for their future. Pray for direction and wisdom as they prepare for what God has in store for them. Help them be Godly minded and choosing His path for them and the willingness to do whatever He says.

RING FINGER:  future mate, purity. Pray for their hearts to be protected in relationships with the opposite sex. That they would save themselves sexually for marriage. Pray for the home of their future spouse, that the Lord would convict and keep them pure as well. Protection over their eyes from all impure sexual temptations that they will be faced with. Purity in their heart and mind; filled with Godly desires.

LITTLE FINGER challenges. This can be daily challenges that they are facing; school, tests, sports, etc. Pray for God’s direction and encouragement as they go throughout their day and face challenges.

PALM: heart for God. Pray that they would have a desire to learn more about the Lord. That they would memorize scripture, so they have a reference when faced with temptations and challenges in life. A heart to serve God with their lives, not just in the future, but everyday. Pray that they would love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

I have heard it said before that preteens are the most difficult to raise and deal with. They are halfway between childhood and adulthood. Their bodies are changing rapidly. New attitudes and feelings emerge by the minute. They are just really confused about life.

Let’s fight for our children, especially as they become preteens! Praying hard and persistently for them. Building their faith and relationship with Jesus. Trusting in the ONE that created them.

Fifteen hours of labor was NOTHING compared to the hours of laboring prayer I should be doing for my children!

Maybe, just maybe, all of this hard work now will make the teen years more bearable?!?  One can hope, right?!?  🙂

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