Winter Olympics Medal Counts Printable

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t had your television on you know that the Winter Olympic Games begin today! {Friday, February 7, 2014}  Did you know where Sochi is located before now?  (I didn’t!) pinterest--olympics

I wanted a way for my kiddos to get involved AND we are going to tie this in with our schooling…Geography, Math, History, P.E. 🙂

For the events we don’t get to watch they can access the medal winners on the official Olympic website to fill a medal count chart. {I tried to match the color of the “EVENT” on this site to the chart so it would be easier for them to locate.} Also, find the winner’s country and place a tally mark for their medal win. Then at the end they can total up all medals won, complete a graph, answer fun questions, and other fun stuff! 🙂

Here’s the FREE printable for you to use:  Olympics–Winter 2014 Medal Counts  pdf.

(or if you’re just an Olympic fan you can use this for yourself…no kids needed) 😉  All you need is 16 pages of paper, 3-hole punch, and a folder/notebook of your choice.

I also think it will be fun to find other crafty things that we can that go along with the Olympics. I’m thinking maybe some Olympic ring cookies {ooh, doughnuts would be good!}  Or a bobsled course made from a pool noodle!  I’ll share with you anything that we do come up with along the way!

The Winter Olympics begin TODAY (2/7) and end SUNDAY (2/23).

I would LOVE for you to post on my FB page any crafty things you do for the Olympics, or feel free to comment on this post and link back to your own site where you have pics posted.


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