Lesson from House Hunters

I love to watch HGTV House Hunters.  Not because I’m looking for a house, but just because I love seeing new ideas for decorating and it really blows me away to see the difference in housing costs. The people can really crack me up, too! You know the ones that can’t see past the color on the walls, which makes them hate the whole house. {Solution: can of paint!} Or the couples that are well into their golden years that think they need a 5000 sq. ft., 6 bedroom home. {Totally their money & decision…I just don’t get it. Who wants to take care of all that house?!?}

{photo source: Google images}

The other night while watching House Hunters International, one lady really made me stop and think. They were from New York and moving to one of the Bahamian Islands for her husband to attend a veterinarian school. She had a well established career in New York that she quit to make this move with her husband. {For that part, she seemed like she was doing it for her family.}  She also commented that they had saved enough money to live on for the next 2-3 years that her husband would be in school. But, in the part where they were actually house hunting on the island, she made the comment that she was going to get the house she wanted because she had worked and saved HER money and also sacrificed HER career to move there.

I think it’s great that she loved her career and that it paid well enough for them to save that kind of money. Very smart on their part to prepare for this change in their lives. The part that bothered me though, is that they had two children…her sacrifice had been her career, not for her family. {I do not know this woman personally, just mere observations watching her on this show.}

Seeing and hearing her selfishness made me take a look at myself. On the days that I grumble because we don’t have money for this or that…or the times I feel not so important around a group of ladies that have glamorized careers…or when someone asks me if I’m just a housewife? I can be selfish, too. I can want to have more things, or want to receive a promotion or award for a job well done…and sometimes I wish I had a title besides “just a mom”.

Am I proud to have the honorable position of raising my children and being a wife to my husband? Do I realize the difference it’s making in my kids’ lives? Would I really want to be somewhere else and have someone else raising my kids? All questions that ran through my mind on a quiet night watching House Hunters.

I am proud to be “just a mom”. 🙂  I love being available to help my husband with whatever he needs. I enjoy being with my kids and not missing a moment in their lives.

Of course I know that selfish moments will always come in to play, and the “what-ifs” will go through my mind on occasion, but I pray that my kids will never doubt for a moment that I enjoy being home with them. That the sacrifices we ALL make as a family are worth it. 

My calling is at home, and I’m honored.

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2 responses to “Lesson from House Hunters

  1. FABULOUS lesson my friend!……and thanks for sharing. It has sometimes crossed my mind with the thoughts, what do people think when I say, “I don’t work”, “I help out with my grandkids”. It doesn’t matter what people think about me staying home with my children and now my grandchildren, as long as I am where I feel God has placed me. I am a PROUD Mom & Grams.


    • Thanks for commenting Audrey! And YES you do work! 🙂 What you have done for your kids and now grand-kids is such a blessing. ❤


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