Why my boys do chores…and DON’t get paid

We’ve had the “Can I have an allowance?” discussion. Not too many times, but it’s come up. My response has usually been, “When I get paid for what I do in this house, then you can!” 🙂  Not to be ugly, but to show my kids how a family should operate. We are a team, and a team works together…each pulling their own weight and willing to help another team member out.

Their responsibilities of course change the older they get. My oldest two, don’t get by with just keeping their toys picked up anymore…they very rarely play with toys. But, for our youngest…picking up his toys is an ALL day, EVERY day chore! He ALWAYS has something lying around.

See his current mess? :)

See his current mess? And it’s still morning! 🙂

As they grow older, we feel that it’s important they know how to take care of themselves.

They need to know:

  • how to do laundry
  • how to cook
  • make/change sheets on their bed
  • clean the bathroom  (for boys–they should do this everyday!) 🙂
  • take care of their animals
  • sweep the floors
  • etc….basic home “keeping” skills

If they do or do not get married, we still feel it’s important they know how to do these things. They may be on their own and have to, or they may need to be a team player in a marriage. So, I’ve recently revamped our daily chores.  Here’s a picture of our current chore chart that hangs on our refrigerator…where everyone can see it and know what’s going on. Feel free to print off this blank chore chart for your own use!

Hardman Family Chore Chart

Hardman Family Chore Chart

These are our basic chores for each day, relevant to our family. Keeping their rooms picked up happens daily along with dusting and vacuuming that usually takes place on Saturday.  {Notice I added myself, so they don’t feel like they’re doing everything.} 😉 This also helps keep our laundry somewhat under control.

#1 reason we don’t pay them:  As a member of the Hardman Home you will be a participant, not a spectator.

Common sense reasons I give them:

  • If they wear their clothes, they should wash them.
  • They wanted chickens and goats, they take care of them.
  • I’m not the only person using a towel daily…if they want a clean towel then they will help wash & fold them.

    Look how nicely these towels are folded!

    Look how nicely these towels are folded!

  • I cook so they can eat, then clean the pots/pans, load the dishwasher…at least they can do is put away the clean dishes.
  • They are the ones with bad aim in the bathroom :)…they should clean it up.  (I deep clean the bathroom at least once a week, all I’m asking them to do is wipe down with Clorox wipes.)
  • They are the culprits for 90% of the dirt, grass,  crumbs, and whatever else that lands on the floor…common courtesy is to sweep it up.

Also, as growing men they need to know how to work and provide for a family. They see that modeled in how their daddy is working two jobs right now to provide for our family, but they need to learn that discipline for themselves.

So, NO we don’t pay our kids a general allowance, or pay them for doing chores. Once in a while I will take them for ice cream, to the movies, or just to their favorite restaurant…not because they have worked for it, but because I love them and want to show them appreciation for being a team member in the Hardman family.

**Side note:  If they work for someone else {i.e.–stacking wood for their great-grandmother, picking up sticks for grandparents, helping Papa in the garden, etc.} and that person gives them money for their work…we let them keep it. 🙂 They are good money savers and want to be able to buy a truck when they are old enough to drive.

Do you give your kids an allowance or pay them for chores? Do you think boys and girls should have different chores? What are some chores your kids do regularly? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this!


From the only girl on the Hardman Team,




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