Not little boys anymore

It seems that every morning when I get up and see my boys, they have grown at least another 2 inches in their sleep! The days are passing quickly and they are changing and growing before my eyes. I need to stop blinking! 😉

While waiting with Caleb today at the doctor’s office I picked up a Parenting magazine. One of the topics on the front sparked my interest about quick and easy meals for kids, so I started flipping through to find the article. {plus I was really bored…over an hour wait, but that’s another story!} Caleb asked what was wrong when I started chuckling. The story was clearly written for an audience of toddlers. I thought there might be some quick new breakfast or lunch ideas for my boys to fix themselves, not how to get extra veggies into your kid’s diet. 🙂  I need help knowing how to afford the appetite of growing pre-teen boys!

Sept. 2010 (ages: 7, 5, & 15 mos.)

I don’t have little boys anymore. 

Nov. 2014

Even Jacob, who just turned 6, has lost his little boy look. Noah is now taller than me and wears a larger shoe than his daddy. And, Caleb just informed me the other day that he’s beginning to get underarm hair! {it’s still very faint and blonde, but yes, in the right lighting you can see a few hairs} 🙂

When you’re trudging through the muddy waters of becoming new parents, and stomp over toddler-hood, you think you’ve got it made. You’ve taught your kids the basic fundamentals of being a human being. They can now feed themselves, use the bathroom by themselves, and can perform basic tasks by themselves. They’ve become independent, and you can now get a full night’s sleep.  Good Job! You’ve passed the first stage of parenting!

But, now what?!

There’s new territory. Something you’re not prepared for but inevitably will happen.  PUBERTY! {Really makes potty training look easy.}


028     032

I remember going through those changes myself, but evidently boys look at puberty a little differently. Girls get to wear a bra and shave their legs, which is exciting for about 5 minutes and then it’s a nuisance. But, boys! Oh boys! It’s the coolest thing to get facial hair, hear your voice crack, and start developing real muscles that you can actually flex.

Along with all these fascinating physical changes, their hearts begin changing, too. Little boy problems are a thing of the past. Now we’re facing real men challenges.

They don’t need me to “mommy” them anymore, they need me to love them differently.  They need me to be there; to pray for them, to encourage them, to be at every event or sports game, but not so loudly and maybe not taking 100 pictures. 🙂 They need the truth. Truth about how and why their bodies are changing. Truth about protecting their minds and hearts from sinful ways. Truth about making wise “adult” decisions about their future. And one the most important hardest topics for me to deal with is the truth about girls. Living in a sex-filled society makes this topic even more challenging. It’s not just about how boys and girls are different…it’s SO MUCH MORE!

While this stage of parenting brings about new challenges and struggles than those from previous years, we will keep pushing through. One. Step. At. A. Time. We can’t give up now. We have been blessed with these boys from the Lord, and HE has entrusted us to bring them up in HIS ways.

That’s our mission.

They are HIS, and our job is to keep pointing them back to HIM.


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