I am a follower of Jesus and know His calling on my life is to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. I have been married to my best friend for over 13 years now.


The Lord has graciously blessed our family with three wonderful boys who occupy my days with refereeing sibling quarrels, making sure their belly’s stay full, keeping our laundry piles manageable, and somewhere in the midst of all of that we also home school. I wouldn’t trade any of our crazy days for anything! I don’t look at homemaking as a job, but as a love. Some days are hard, but the good definitely out weighs the bad.

I originally started this blog as a way to share my passion of being a homemaker…being proud of the calling that God has given me and hopefully encourage someone else in my position. (I still hope to do that.) But, to be honest, I don’t really know a lot about what I’m doing. Homemaking is easy compared to parenting. I’m finding throughout this journey of raising boys that I need other “boy mamas”. Let’s face it, trying to figure out the male species is a difficult task! 🙂 The Lord is molding me on a daily basis to be a mother that can lead and guide my boys into becoming men.

I still plan on sharing things we do in our home school, but I want to refocus my attention to the ways of my boys. They really are extraordinary people! I’m amazed daily at how different we are, but how God has beautifully designed them to be who they are. They are given natural tendencies to be protectors; of their family, our home, and me. The older they get I see through their actions how much they do love me, and what great husbands they will make someday.  They also have a way of making noise from every body part, which has become {on most days} music to my ears. {I really am amazed at this “talent”! I’ve tried, and I just can’t do it!}

My boys are quickly becoming men. Before my eyes. Time is flying.

So, join me! Boy mamas of all kinds

Even if you’re an “all girl mama I welcome you here. You can catch a glimpse into the mysterious world of boys. 😉 I would love for you to enlighten us on hair bows, tu-tus, and all things girly. Because whether you’re an all boy mama, or all girl mama, or if you’ve been blessed with both, we’re all mamas and we need each other. This job of mothering and keeping the home is tough! Then trying to maintain our role as wife, too…wheww!


I hope if you’re here reading that you will be blessed and encouraged through something that is said. I encourage comments on my posts, as I believe that we can all benefit and learn from each other.

~Many blessings from my home to yours!

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  1. Hi Cassie,

    I’m stopping by from The Home Based Mom, my page on Facebook. Thanks so much for sharing your blog! I can actually relate with you very well, I’ve been a stay at home mom for about 21 years now and sometimes it’s tough hearing others tell you that you should be working. We have gone through some tough times the last few years as well, my husband got laid off and was unemployed for 1.5 years. The job he has now, although a good one, doesn’t pay nearly as well as we were used to. I find myself too pondering the idea of going to work, and even though my kids range in age from 20 down to 7, I’m just not ready to leave them….I don’t feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do. We totally trust God for everything now, when we need something, there is no Gold MasterCard to pull out, I like to tell people we go to the bank of Jesus when we have a need. 🙂

    So nice to meet you, I’m looking forward to reading more.


    • Kimi,
      You have no idea how timely your comment is for me! I’m sitting here in tears…this morning has already started off as a pity-party for me. I have the opportunity to go out of town with family, my boys would have a wonderful time, and we all could use a break, but the funds are just not there for extra stuff like this. I know God is teaching me to trust Him more during this time…we have been here before and He has always been faithful to provide for our needs. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be at home with my kids, it’s just moments like this where it’s comforting to know that someone understands. 🙂
      I enjoy meeting other moms out there that are running this race of being a mom along with me! Also, those that only bank at the “bank of Jesus” (love that!) 🙂 Thanks for stopping by & for your encouraging comment!
      ~Many blessing to your family from mine!


      • Yes unfortunately I’m the most frequent guest at my pity parties, LOL. I do totally understand where you’re coming from, believe me. I will be praying for you and your family, that God will not only meet your needs but also some of your wants. We all need a little room to breathe and a break now and then….He knows that, right? 🙂


      • Thank you so much! This has actually turned out to be a pretty relaxed weekend, and my husband and I have been able to have a few uninterrupted conversations! (Beautiful weather keeps my boys outside!) So, I’m trying to be positive…the Lord knew we needed this time and it hasn’t cost us a dime! 😉 Appreciate your sweet words, prayers & encouragement!


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